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Range Standing Orders

Hunting permits for the TeUrewera / Ngaituhoe area are now online as of this morning and the process for getting a permit is very simple and straight forward. I downloaded mine this morning and within 2-3 seconds of hitting the send button, I had my 4 month permit back by return email. The site to go to is: www.ngaituhoe.iwi.nz then click on the page Te Uru Taumatua (it’s the first heading in the line once you are on the Tuhoe page) and scroll down under this heading to “Permission for Hunting”. All you need to do is then click and fill in your details and hit send.....it’s that simple. If you know of someone who does not have a computer or access to one and they want a permit, please get them to give me a call and I will happily help them out if you are not able to.